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Kinderbot searches  promote in children and  young girls the development of computational thinking through programming, within the framework of valuable and significant teaching proposals. 


  • Kinderbot  It is a robot made of building blocks, adaptable to children's and pedagogical imagination through interlocking tiles. His movements are perfectly adapted to the tarps available for Beebot. It can be used on any surface with which it is possible to dispense with carpets.

    Complementary pieces:  set of 100 pieces of My Preschool Bricks compatible with the entire line of products of the company, with which to change the shape of our KinderBot, create obstacles, routes, or any element that can be part of the activities.

    Infrared remote control:  Contains colored buttons for easy address identification. Consider direct mode for exploratory use with younger children.

    5V rechargeable battery:  It has the same USB connector that is used to recharge cell phones. This battery has the characteristic of maintaining the same current delivery throughout its cycle, despite being recharged. This improves the lifetime of components (mainly motors) and ensures smooth robot operation under all circumstances.

    Magnetic panels:  to further expand KinderBot's customization possibilities. Its surface allows writing and painting with whiteboard markers, as well as hosting photos, images, or drawings previously made on paper.

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