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Digital content by school grade,  through the use of teaching materials based on  basic concepts of robotics , strengthening the subjects of Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Science. (INCLUDES KIT 779 of pieces for the assembly of all the lessons)

Robotati-K Sixth Grade

  • Temary:

    Lesson 1. Simple machines
    Lesson 2. Mirrors
    Lesson 3. Quadrilaterals
    Lesson 4. Angles
    Lesson 5. Cartesian plane
    Lesson 6. Scale
    Lesson 7. Units and decimals
    Lesson 8. Fractions and decimals
    Lesson 9. Polygons and polyhedra
    Lesson 10. Counting: tree diagram
    Lesson 11. Wind energy
    Lesson 12. Absolute and relative values
    Lesson 13. ...A part of a whole
    Lesson 14. Probability
    Lesson 15. Numbers

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