Our students' learning takes place on our educational platform, a virtual space where academic programs and courses are located.

Access is via the Internet, where your participant has digital study documents and guides at your disposal detailing the activities to be carried out.

Each one of them with their interaction materials and an innovative video support resource, where you can view the explanations of your teachers as many times as you need.

As well as delivery dates and online evaluations, attached to carefully designed virtual teaching strategies to facilitate learning within the platform.

It also has a virtual advisor that interacts with you through forums, chats and the videoconference module, answering your questions, evaluating your activities and achieving a total approach with you, in such a way that you will never feel alone in this environment Learning.

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Evaluation System

The advisor, based on the instruments designed for the evaluation, will carry out the feedback process and assign the grade, for each of the activities that you carry out. A single grade will be assigned for each curricular learning unit. The evaluation products will form a digital portfolio, with it, the development of your skills will be dictated.

Education Model

In the student-centered educational model that we are proposing, we must start from the design of courses that place special emphasis not on what the teacher should do, but on the learning activities that the students must carry out. Teaching and learning guided by this approach seek autonomy as the purpose of education and development. During their training, our students remain active regarding learning; the advisor communicates with the students in an assertive and horizontal manner; Teamwork is frequent, with a common repository with which the student is provided with resources with which to process information, visualize content, prepare cognitive maps, attend exercises, carry out practices and simulations, to finally incorporate the products of this interaction into their evidence portfolio with which their competences will be determined in a continuous evaluation process. The learning activities focus on experimentation, the search and evaluation of information, discussion and problem solving in work teams, that is, activities that involve "learning to learn", rather than the consolidation of a set of already developed knowledge.


The holder of each course offered in the program is considered a facilitator and not an instructor, since their role is to facilitate, conduct and promote the learning process, which is considered a task for the student, who will have the necessary elements in the virtual campus, to carry out the different activities that are planned from the beginning of the program. The facilitator provides support, clarifies doubts, guides the course of ideas and directs discussions in the forum and discussion groups, horizontally and democratically. The facilitator interacts with you in person or through a video link at the beginning of each subject (every 2 or 3 weeks), where he explains the development of the subject, the interaction you have with him and your teammates as well as the subject assessment products. Finally, he is the one who directs the evaluation process of the students based on the elements that comprise the syllabus of the subject.


  • The pedagogical model (by competencies) is based on self-managed and independent learning.

  • There is a tutor who will accompany the training process and a subject advisor.

  • Small groups are formed to enhance attention virtually.

  • Accessible recovery fees.

  • Graduate profile according to the Comprehensive Reform of Higher Secondary Education.

  • Didactic supports: study guides, videos, audios, online advice, permanent support, among others.

  • The student is facilitated to alternate their studies with work and family activities.

  • It enables the study from the place of residence.

  • No specific hours are required to study.


Communication through a platform, forums, chats and technological means.


Curriculum Map