The Business Administration and Innovation study plan of UNIVES Latin America aims to train professionals who are capable of performing with high ethical values, social commitment, ecological awareness and entrepreneurial spirit that integrates their skills to create, manage and innovate companies and lead working groups, based on cutting-edge theoretical and methodological principles, as well as making decisions and solving problems in their current work field.

The English language has become in recent years a need of the globalized world, and has been considered as one of the most important languages ​​in the world, for this reason the growing need arises to train professionals who can contribute to the training of students with the basic tools to understand the language and be able to communicate with English-speaking people, understanding that this language currently represents a tool that contributes to a better future for society.

Are you interested in planning, designing and implementing innovative strategies for marketing, advertising and marketing in digital media? The Bachelor in Digital Marketing at UNIVES Latin America is for you.

The study of Pedagogy helps to understand all those elements involved in the teaching and learning processes, without implying its limitation to the field of basic or higher education. Starting from the premise that living is learning, then Pedagogy extends to processes outside the classroom and school, encompassing other areas such as business, the public sector, intervention, as well as the development of cultural programs.