The Doctorate in Education program focuses on training researchers of high academic level, professional teachers specialized in management or in educational technological innovation, capable of generating knowledge applied to solving problems corresponding to the area of ​​Education sciences in Mexico. With this they contribute to the scientific, economic, social and cultural development of educational entities.

The study plan of studies in Administration of public institutions or in business innovation is offered in the virtual modality, it has an important flexibility, since the student will carry out the learning without the need to be present in a classroom, or meet a certain number of days and hours in person and thus be accessible to people who work. Thus, the student will be able to carry out their learning activities at their own pace, in addition to doing it at the time that suits them best.

Our Master's program focuses its objectives on preparing education professionals interested in modernizing academic functions, providing them with the necessary skills to creatively apply technology in teaching-learning processes. In parallel, the program leads students, during their stay, to carry out research that generates knowledge about the effects and results of the use of new technologies.