ActivityBot 360° 12-Pack Plus for Classrooms
  • ActivityBot 360° 12-Pack Plus for Classrooms
  • ActivityBot 360° 12-Pack Plus for Classrooms

ActivityBot 360° 12-Pack Plus for Classrooms

Price :
USD$ 3,595.00
SKU : Parallax 32612

ActivityBot 360 ° 12-pack Plus is a unique solution to implement robotics and other STEM topics (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in your classroom.

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Our robots are designed to be beginner and engaging, while using real-world electronic devices to develop transferable skills. There are 12 sets of robots in total, and each set includes (1) ActivityBot 360 ° robot plus our (3) most popular hardware accessories for additional activities.Develop transferable skills in middle school robotics, technology, engineering, and programming courses, high schools or universities.

Hardware accessories include Rotating Ping))) Distance sensor mounts and QTI line tracking kits for advanced navigation and IR remotes for remote control applications. In addition to what's included in the kit, many other Parallax sensors, hardware add-ons, and accessories are compatible with the robot and its Propeller Activity Board WX. This board accepts common electronic components on your breadboard, no proprietary connectors required! It also has a mini audio jack and an RF module socket to expand to audio and wireless applications.

Class Package Features:

  • 12 sets of hardware for 1-to-1 or 2-1 ratios of student to robot.
  • Program graphically with our online tool BlocklyProp or locally in text-based C with SimpleIDE.
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and Chromebook labs.
  • Enough NiMH AA batteries and chargers to have one on the robots and one on the chargers.
  • Colorful 2 x 6 ft ActivityBot 360 banner in sturdy vinyl with eyelets, for hanging in the classroom or at events.


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