Cyber:bot Robot Kit-NO micro bit
  • Cyber:bot Robot Kit-NO micro bit
  • Cyber:bot Robot Kit-NO micro bit

Cyber:bot Robot Kit-NO micro bit

Price :
USD$ 200.00
SKU : Parallax 32705


El robot cyber: bot agrega una dimensión tangible de hardware a los programas informáticos centrados en Python, CTE y ciberseguridad. El robot cyber: bot coloca el módulo BBC micro: bit en la forma de robot pequeño Parallax.

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The cyber: bot robot places the BBC's micro: bit module into the small Parallax robot form factor, which is a proven STEM success in classrooms from middle school to university, taking advantage of available plug-ins for this chassis. A user-friendly multi-core Propeller on-board microcontroller assists the micro: bit, handling real-time servo motor control and built-in sensors on the breadboard. This enables more robust robotic applications that go beyond what the micro: bit can do on its own.


  • Python-programmable with Mu software or MicroPython online editor.
  • The cyber: bot board seamlessly connects the micro: bit to the Propeller multi-core microcontroller and robot hardware.
  • Cyber ​​multi-core propeller microcontroller preprogrammed with cyber: Bot firmware manages sensors and servo motor control.
  • Build DIY sensor circuits on the breadboard that utilize touch, visible light, and infrared light.
  • Compatible with small Parallax robot add-ons including Ping))) Ultrasonic Sensor, Ping))) Laser Sensor, QTI Line Follower Kit and Tracker Kit.


Dimension (L x W x H) 0 x 0 x 0
Weight 0