R-500 + Qx-4000

R-500 + Qx-4000

Price :
USD$ 615.00


The Educational Robotics Kit consists of a set of My Bricks pieces compatible with the entire product line of the company.

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To this kit is added the intelligent motor called QX-4000, the programmable infrared remote control that commands it, in addition to special parts for movement transmission, has an indicator LED and an infrared sensor that captures the signals from the remote control provided as well as a universal remote control such as those used in household appliances. This gives it the versatility of being able to be commanded by more than one device.

In addition to the standard My Bricks parts, the kit includes special parts: wheels of various sizes, gears of different sizes, metal shafts, plastic shafts, hubs, eccentrics, axles that lock on the hub, tires, elastic transmission bands, pulleys, tracks that can also be used as belts and others.

The motors feature a powerful, highly durable nylon gear reducer. The 5V rechargeable battery has the same usb connector that is used in recharging cell phones. This battery has the characteristic of maintaining the same current delivery throughout its cycle, despite being recharged. This improves the useful life of the components (mainly the motors) and ensures a smooth operation of the robot in all circumstances. It does not happen in the same way in kits that work with alkaline batteries, which as they are discharged, have as a consequence the degradation of the operation of the device.

This kit is aimed at students 5 years of age and older, at which age children obtain the cognitive development necessary to understand the basic concepts of robotics, starting with those related to mechanics and transmission, and then advancing in aspects of electronics, motorization, sensing and programming.



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