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Meet databot, a brilliant little cube packed with hi-tech scientific exploration fun.

ClassPack 10

  • Databot fits in the palm of your hand, collecting information from 11 included sensors that measure movement, temperature, altitude, speed and much more! Data is streamed instantly to provide engaging experiments in science, coding, and technology in every learning environment imaginable! The databot kit includes everything you need to get started – just add a computer or tablet!

    Databot comes complete with everything you need to start exploring the hidden world of data right away!

    • databot (10).
    • 8GB Micro SD Card (10).
    • Micro SD card reader (10).
    • Mini USB charging / encoding cable (10).
    • External temperature probe (10).
    • Industrial velcro pad (10).
    • Removable base plate (10).
    • Cord (10).
    • Soft Shell Storage Case (5).
    • All databot resumes and modules.
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