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This hardware conversion kit turns a Boe-Bot BASIC Stamp or Shield-Bot for Arduino into a Python-programmable cyber:bot.

Cyber:bot Conversion Kit

  • The cyber:bot adds a tangible hardware dimension to Python-focused CTE and computer science programs. The cyber:bot robot fuses a micro:bit module with the Parallax robot small form factor that is a proven STEM hit in classrooms from middle school to college.

    An onboard Propeller multicore microcontroller assists the micro:bit, handling servo motor control and interaction with circuitry built on a board for robust projects that go beyond what the micro:bit can do on its own.


    • Python-programmable with Mu software or MicroPython online editor.
    • The cyber:bot board seamlessly connects the micro:bit to the Propeller multicore microcontroller and robot hardware.
    • Propeller multicore microcontroller pre-programmed with cyber:bot firmware manages sensors and servo motor control.
    • Build DIY sensor circuits on the breadboard that use touch, visible light, and infrared light.
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