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handbook digital,  Competition drone, Evaluation platform with personalized keys,  Participation in National and International competitions, Certification by the AART

High School Drones

    • 1 RubiQ Drone.
    • Digital manual for each student, digital.
    • Evaluation platform for students with personalized key.
    • Installation of flight simulators.
    • Certification by the AART.
    • Participation in National and International competitions.

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    • YELLOW Level 1:  BUILD UP

      • Essential drone knowledge

      • Construction of RubiQ drones

      • Wave behavior and electron flow.

      • Laws, regulations and coordination groups.


      ORANGE Level 2: TRAIN

      • Flight simulator and radio controls

      • Radio configuration and flight controller

      • Electrochemistry of LiPo batteries

      • Ethics, drones and the future.


      PURPLE Level 3: FLY

      • Flight safety

      • Line of sight piloting skills

      • Motor and sensor calibration

      • Balanced and unbalanced forces


      BLUE Level 4: RACE

      • FPV pilot skills

      • Bernoulli's Principle and Newton's Third Law

      • Profiles and angle of attack

      • The broker mentality.

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