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With this class pack, you will really make big moves in your quest to learn and teach STEAM/STEM.

K-12 Classroom Package – For up to 24 Students

  • This set teaches anyone how robots and computers make decisions and remember information. 

    This classroom pack is the ultimate set you need to learn and teach programming, math, engineering, science, robotics, and technology concepts. Easy to carry and you don't need a mobile device or internet connection.

    This package includes:

    • 8 x 108 Qubes.
    • 8 QuestBots.
    • 8 QuestControllers.
    • 16 USB cables.
    • 8 double charger blocks.
    • 16 pen holders.
    • 8 Manuals and challenges.
    • 8 user guides.
    • 16 dry erase markers.
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