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With this class pack, you will really make big moves in your quest to learn and teach STEAM/STEM.

K-2 Classroom Package – For up to 24 K-2 Students

  • This class pack is ideal for educators and teachers of K-2 students to learn and teach coding, math, robotics skills, and technology concepts. Easy to carry and does not need to connect to a mobile device or the internet. All class content has challenges that allow students to use math, critical thinking, and engage in teamwork while learning.

    This package includes:

    • 8 x 36 Qubes.
    • 8 QuestBots.
    • 8 QuestControllers.
    • 16 USB cables.
    • 8 double magazine block.
    • 8 pencil holders.
    • 8 Manuals and challenges.
    • 8 user guides.
    • 8 dry erasable markers.
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