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Content by school grade which includes concepts of  electronics, programming and assembly of more sophisticated robots. (INCLUDES KIT of pieces for the assembly of all the lessons)

RoboSTEM Stem Preschool 3

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    Lesson 1. Arthur and his robot
    Lesson 2. In the water and on land
    Lesson 3. Highways
    Lesson 4. The largest in the world
    Lesson 5. Tooth
    Lesson 6. The rocket
    Lesson 7. The fair
    Lesson 8. The tractor
    Lesson 9 Silvia's house
    Lesson 10. Liz's patio
    Lesson 11. The supermarket cart
    Lesson 12. Motorcycles
    Lesson 13. The games in the park
    Lesson 14. Bulldozer
    Lesson 15. Giants and dwarfs
    Lesson 16. The horse
    Lesson 17. The pallet cart
    Lesson 18. The bat
    Lesson 19. The wheel of fortune
    Lesson 20. The biggest on the road

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