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Digital content for those who already have experience exists ROBOTEANDO 2da ETAPA, where concepts of electronics, programming and assembly of more sophisticated robots are added to the program. (INCLUDES KIT of 753 pieces for the assembly of all the lessons)

RoboSTEM HighSchool 1

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    Lesson 1. Robo Cup. Where are we going?
    Lesson 2. World Cup, ""Robo Cup""
    Lesson 3. Programming Basics
    Lesson 4. Control test
    Lesson 5. Inclined plane
    Lesson 6. The mixer
    Lesson 7. Robot
    Lesson 8. Trimoto
    Lesson 9. Catapult
    Lesson 10. 4 x 4 truck
    Lesson 11. Octopus
    Lesson 12. Bulldozer
    Lesson 13. Fixed crane
    Lesson 14. Engine
    Lesson 15. Caterpillar Car
    Lesson 16. Robot Scout
    Lesson 17. Formula 1
    Lesson 18. Dump truck
    Lesson 19. Final challenge
    Lesson 20. Final challenge II

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