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Digital content by school grade which includes concepts of electronics, programming and assembly of more sophisticated robots. (INCLUDES KIT 199 pieces for the assembly of all the lessons)


RoboSTEM First Grade

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    Lesson 1. Robot
    Lesson 2. The robot as a human supplement
    Lesson 3. Wedges
    Lesson 4. Knowing electricity
    Lesson 5. Let's make a wedge
    Lesson 6. Wires and electricity
    Lesson 7. The market
    Lesson 8. Anti-touch insulators
    Lesson 9. The rowboat
    Lesson 10. The lightning, the cloud and the earth
    Lesson 11. The top
    Lesson 12. Turning on my light
    Lesson 13. The wrench
    Lesson 14. The lamp I
    Lesson 15. The flagpole
    Lesson 16. The lamp II
    Lesson 17. The clothesline
    Lesson 18. The light bulb III
    Lesson 19. Turntable
    Lesson 20. The egg beater

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