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Digital content by school grade which includes concepts of  electronics, programming and assembly of more sophisticated robots. (INCLUDES KIT 465 pieces for the assembly of all the lessons)

RoboSTEM Junior HighSchool 1

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    Lesson 1. Robotics
    Lesson 2. Adelopod
    Lesson 3. Biomechanics of muscle levers
    Lesson 4. Algorithm
    Lesson 5. Biomechanics of reflection pulleys
    Lesson 6. Mechanical calculator
    Lesson 7. Skeleton Gear
    Lesson 8. Symmetric figures
    Lesson 9. Geometric figures
    Lesson 10. Proportionality of geometric figures
    Lesson 11. Probability
    Lesson 12. Basic concepts of electronics
    Lesson 13. Simple pendulum
    Lesson 14. Electronic components
    Lesson 15. Newton's pendulum
    Lesson 16. Alarm
    Lesson 17. Pendulum clock
    Lesson 18. Plant sprinkler
    Lesson 19. Coriolis effect
    Lesson 20. The microscope

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