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Preschool 1st STAGE is for those who are just beginning, which includes introductory knowledge to the world of robotics and mainly the understanding of Simple Machines, a fundamental concept for the construction and mechanical understanding of any robot.


RoboSTEM Preschool

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    Lesson 1. My Robotics Class
    Lesson 2. RoboRiddle
    Lesson 3. Naughty worm
    Lesson 4. Ants
    Lesson 5. The spider
    Lesson 6. The dragonfly
    Lesson 7. The fly
    Lesson 8. The frog and the toad
    Lesson 10. From tadpole to frog
    Lesson 11. Rare fish
    Lesson 12. Shrimp
    Lesson 13. Dragons in the sea
    Lesson 14. If it doesn't have feathers, it's not a bird
    Lesson 15. The king of camouflage
    Lesson 16. And I walk backwards
    Lesson 17. The helicopter
    Lesson 18. The truck
    Lesson 19. My old car
    Lesson 20. Modern cars
    Lesson 21. Old racing cars
    Lesson 22. Sailboats
    Lesson 23. Airplanes
    Lesson 24. The crane
    Lesson 25. The dump truck
    Lesson 26. What firefighters do
    Lesson 27. The land sailboat
    Lesson 28. Mom's truck
    Lesson 29. My favorite car
    Lesson 30. The cube
    Lesson 31. The pyramid
    Lesson 32. The train
    Lesson 33. Starfish
    Lesson 34. From larva to butterfly


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