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ROBOTING 1st STAGE  digital content,  introductory knowledge to the world of robotics, understanding of Simple Machines, fundamentals for construction and mechanical understanding of any robot. (INCLUDES KIT  of 427 pieces for the assembly of all the lessons)

RoboSTEM Upper Elementary

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    Lesson 1. Spy bots
    Lesson 2. Robots in space
    Lesson 3. Inclined plane
    Lesson 4. Go-Kart
    Lesson 5. Moving truck
    Lesson 6. Propeller or propeller
    Lesson 7. Lever
    Lesson 8. Archimedes
    Lesson 9. First class lever
    Lesson 10. Second class lever
    Lesson 11. The seesaw
    Lesson 12. The Catapult
    Lesson 13. Railways
    Lesson 14. Wheels and Axles
    Lesson 15. The windmill
    Lesson 16. Lever, wheel and axle
    Lesson 17. The wishing well
    Lesson 18. The water mill
    Lesson 19. Pulleys
    Lesson 20. Pulleys make work easier
    Lesson 21. Cranes
    Lesson 22. Fixed pulley
    Lesson 23. The sailboat
    Lesson 24. The car pointing south
    Lesson 25. Gear mechanisms
    Lesson 26. Chain gears
    Lesson 27. Every gear has a job to do

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