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ROBOTING 1st STAGE digital content,  Introductory knowledge to the world of robotics, understanding of Simple Machines, foundations for construction and mechanical understanding of any robot. (INCLUDES KIT of 356 pieces for the assembly of all the lessons)

RoboSTEM Junior HighSchool

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    Lesson 1. Future artificial intelligence
    Lesson 2. The laws of robotics
    Lesson 3. Inclined Plane Basics
    Lesson 4. An inclined plane is very helpful
    Lesson 5. Screw
    Lesson 6. Roller coaster ramps
    Lesson 7. The hand drill
    Lesson 8. Levers
    Lesson 9. A lever can be very helpful
    Lesson 10. Mechanical advantage of a lever
    Lesson 11. First class lever
    Lesson 12. Levers of the first, second and third class
    Lesson 13. The balance
    Lesson 14. Wheels and axles
    Lesson 15. The wheel and the axle
    Lesson 20. The restaurant
    Lesson 16. Wheels and axles can help us
    Lesson 17. The paddlewheel boat
    Lesson 18. The wagon
    Lesson 19. Pulleys
    Lesson 21. Pulley exercise
    Lesson 22. The combination of pulleys
    Lesson 23. The elevator
    Lesson 24. Gears, keys and definitions
    Lesson 25. Gears
    Lesson 26. Mechanical advantage of gears
    Lesson 27. Spur gears
    Lesson 28. The simple transmission
    Lesson 29. The lawnmower

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