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Digital content by school grade,  through the use of teaching materials based on  robotics basics ,  strengthening the subjects of Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Science. (INCLUDES KIT 555 of pieces for the assembly of all the lessons)

Robotati-K Second Grade

  • Temary:

    Lesson 1. Trading
    Lesson 2. Oil
    Lesson 3. Division
    Lesson 4. Volume and weight
    Lesson 5. Addition and subtraction
    Lesson 6. Units, tens and hundreds
    Lesson 7. The position of numbers
    Lesson 8. Figures and geometric bodies
    Lesson 9. The meter is used to measure
    Lesson 10. Figures within figures
    Lesson 11. The location of things
    Lesson 12. Recording information
    Lesson 13. Reading the numbers
    Lesson 14. What do the months mean?
    Lesson 15. One liter

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