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Digital content by school grade,  through the use of teaching materials based on  robotics basics ,  strengthening the subjects of Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Science. (INCLUDES KIT 467 of pieces for the assembly of all the lessons)

Robotati-K Junior High School 2

  • Temary:

    Lesson 1. Pairs of angles
    Lesson 2. Angles between cuts by a secant
    Lesson 3. Quadrilaterals and their properties
    Lesson 4. Like terms
    Lesson 5. Wave motion
    Lesson 6. Prisms and pyramids
    Lesson 7. Measures of central tendency
    Lesson 8. First degree equations
    Lesson 9. Interior angles of a polygon
    Lesson 10. Cubic meters or liters?
    Lesson 11. How do we discover motion?
    Lesson 12. Free fall
    Lesson 13. Strength
    Lesson 14. Newton's laws and their effects
    Lesson 15. Magnetic force

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