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Digital content by school grade,  through the use of teaching materials based on  robotics basics ,  strengthening the subjects of Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Science. (INCLUDES KIT 555 of pieces for the assembly of all the lessons)

Robotati-K Third Grade

  • Temary:

    Lesson 1. Force and its effects
    Lesson 2. Light
    Lesson 3. Sound. Why do we talk?
    Lesson 4. Magnetism
    Lesson 5. Geometric bodies
    Lesson 6. The clock
    Lesson 7. Data, data and more data
    Lesson 8. Fractions
    Lesson 9. Multiplication
    Lesson 10. Differences between figures and geometric bodies
    Lesson 11. The cardinal points
    Lesson 12. Everything is measured...
    Lesson 13. Two equal parts
    Lesson 14. Angles and their names
    Lesson 15. Pythagoras and his table

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