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Digital content by school grade,  through the use of teaching materials based on  basic concepts of robotics , strengthening the subjects of Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Science. (INCLUDES KIT 614 of pieces for the assembly of all the lessons)

Robotati-K Junior High School 3

  • Temary:

    Lesson 1. Algebraic multiplication
    Lesson 2. square of a binomial
    Lesson 3. Circle and circumference
    Lesson 4. Triangles: properties and postulates
    Lesson 5. Probabilistic simulation
    Lesson 6. Pythagorean theorem
    Lesson 7. Geometric bodies
    Lesson 8. Measures of dispersion
    Lesson 9. Description of the periodic table
    Lesson 10. Electronic configuration of chemical elements
    Lesson 11. Lewis structure and valence electrons
    Lesson 12. How do atoms join? Chemical links
    Lesson 13. The pH
    Lesson 14. Functional relationship
    Lesson 15. Angles in the circumference

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