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Do you have an Arduino Uno? Make it the brain on board a mobile robot! Learn robotics, electronics, and programming with this versatile kit and its step-by-step lessons.

Robotics Shield Kit

  • With this kit and your own Arduino module, you can follow the Robotics with the Board of Education Shield for Arduino lessons with over 40 hands-on activities.

    Key Features:

    • Beginner friendly - no programming experience needed.
    • Open Platform: Exposed circuits allow you to learn and create your own electronic circuits.
    • Solderless - experiment with custom circuitry on the breadboard (no specialty brand connectors).
    • Comprehensive: Free, easy-to-follow web tutorials and sample code downloads.
    • Autonomous: Touch, light and infrared sensors allow the Shield-Bot to navigate on its own.
    • Expandable – Additional sensors and hardware expansion kits are available to get the most out of your robot.


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