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Digital content by school grade which includes concepts of  electronics, programming and assembly of more sophisticated robots. (INCLUDES KIT 771 of pieces for the assembly of all the lessons)

RoboSTEM Sixth Grade

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    Lesson 1. Cyborg
    Lesson 2. Cyborg II
    Lesson 3. Leonardo and his ingenuity
    Lesson 4. Mixed circuit
    Lesson 5. Mechanisms of transmission
    Lesson 6. Electricity generator
    Lesson 7. Window
    Lesson 8. Wind turbines
    Lesson 9. Spur Gears
    Lesson 10. Electricity production
    Lesson 11. Gears with chain
    Lesson 12. Electronic components
    Lesson 13. Helical gears
    Lesson 14. Night lamp
    Lesson 15. The differential
    Lesson 16. Hydraulic pump
    Lesson 17. Archimedean screw
    Lesson 18. The electric bell
    Lesson 19. Speed reducers
    Lesson 20. Private and public time

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