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This kit upgrades a Boe-Bot or Shield-Bot to a 360° Propeller ActivityBot that can be graphically programmed with our online BlocklyProp Solotool. And, with a new multi-core Propeller brain, you can do so much more.

Small Robot to ActivityBot 360° Upgrade Kit

  • Once the upgrade is complete, your ActivityBot 360° will support the familiar and easy-to-use DIY sensor circuitry with light sensors and infrared distance sensors that you use with your original robots.

    As an ActivityBot 360°, your robots will support the IR Remote, QTI Line Follower, Ping))) + Mounting Bracket Kit and any Gripper Kit accessories you already have. Additionally, the Propeller Activity Board WX features a built-in stereo/audio out jack that's perfect with a Veho speaker and mount, and a wireless RF module socket that fits XBee.


    • Propeller Activity Board WX for programming in text-based C or graphical BlocklyProp.
    • 360 High Speed Servo Feedback​​ ° For fast and consistent maneuvers, no external encoders are required.
    • 5 AA batteries and nylon screws to upgrade from a BASIC Stamp Boe-Bot robot.
    • USB A to microB cable to upgrade from a Shield-Bot with Arduino Uno.
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