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Build mazes, obstacles, towers, games and more...

STEM educational toy for ages 5 and up.

STEM Playground Classic

  • FUN, HANDS-ON LEARNING: STEM Playground has everything you need to "play on the floor more" with your robotic toys. Each kit comes with large interconnecting mats, building supplies, and Bluetooth sensors for building mazes, laying out obstacle courses, building towers, playing croquet, and more.

    BUILD AND BUILD: Use the walls, ramps, and connecting pieces to open up limitless building possibilities for your rolling or walking toys. Build mazes, design obstacle courses, play skee ball, build towers, play croquet, and more.

    FLEXIBLE AND EXPANDABLE: Compatible with Sphero Bolt, Sphero RVR, Sphero Mini, Cozmo, Vector, MiP and more. Multiple kits interconnect for an infinitely expandable system.

    LEARN TO CODE - Use the coding feature on your robotic toys to autonomously navigate a 3D obstacle course.

    ENHANCE LESSON PLANS: STEM Playground enhances STEM education lesson plans by engaging students' logical and creative skills.

    Each kit includes:

    4 interconnecting mats: each 20 x 20 inches, creating a surface area of 160 square feet. in. Of surface

    44 flexible surfaces of different sizes: for walls, jumps, seesaws, hoops and more

    80 pins - multifunctional mat, surface and sensor connectors

    2 sensors: wireless accelerometer sensors complete the set  adding timers, scoring or interaction with the robot

    1 carry storage bag

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