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Digital content by school grade which includes concepts of  electronics, programming and assembly of more sophisticated robots. (INCLUDES KIT 341 of pieces for the assembly of all the lessons).

RoboSTEM Third Grade

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    Lesson 1. robots
    Lesson 2. Androids
    Lesson 3. Levers
    Lesson 4. Electricity and water
    Lesson 5. Levers of the first degree
    Lesson 6. Water and landscape
    Lesson 7. Let's locate a first degree lever in our body
    Lesson 8. What is needed for water to give us electricity
    Lesson 9. Lever of the second degree
    Lesson 10. Bodies have static electricity
    Lesson 11. Third degree levers
    Lesson 12. Pure water allows the passage of electricity
    Lesson 13. Compound levers
    Lesson 14. Let's make our own power generator
    Lesson 15. Scaffold
    Lesson 16. Water and salt
    Lesson 17. The science that studies the relationship between mechanics and the human body
    Lesson 18. Let's make a pile
    Lesson 19. Biomechanics and physical education
    Lesson 20. Everyday biomechanics

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