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The Virtual Program develops vital skills such as professional communications, managing your own commitments, and developing habits for financial freedom.

WHIZBIZKIDS Junior High School

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    Understand business roles
    Students delve into the departments that work together to form a business and start trying out roles like Production Manager, Director of Operations, Chief Financial Officer, and even CEO! Having a solid understanding of how to fulfill the responsibilities of each role will be necessary for students as they run their businesses.


    The content contains 30 lessons in 6 sections:
    1) Introduction to business
    2) Create a business idea
    3) Understand business roles
    4) Financing your business
    5) Managing your business
    6) Personal financial literacy

  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 27 x 21 x 0.98 Centimeters
    Weight 390 grams.
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